My story

Hi, My name is Thymo. I’m a twenty-four-year-old multidisciplinary designer & marketer who’s focussing on creating digital products and market them. O yeah I’m also living in the Netherlands.

Since I was a child I always was interested in art and in the way how this world interacts.
The last ten years, with the evolution of the internet, this field completely changed.
This new innovative way of interaction is something that inspired me, together with the combination of beautiful design and craftmanship.

My background

In 2017 I graduated from the study Graphic Design at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. This study was the start of developing my design and creative skills. 

After my graduation I started with my next study: Business Innovation at Avans University of Applied Sciences. This study and learning how to challenge wicked problems by using innovative and sustainable solutions. I graduated in 2021.

Currently I’m working as a marketeer at BeterDichtbij. During my free time I’m also active as a designer and marketer. I work mostly for local businesses like general practices, charity organizations, and start-ups.

My expertise

Working on digital projects is something that I mostly enjoy to do. For example, I like to work on design and marketing projects.

Seeing an idea into something real is something that makes me happy. But when I position it in the market and it hits the audience is the moment where I like to say to myself “I think I did a good job!”

✏️  Design

Identity Design
Visual Communication
Web Design

🚀 Marketing

Social media
Brand development

Why I enjoy what I do

I’ve always been passionated about developing ideas and finding new ways to express my inner creativity. For so far my design skills have helped me the most with achieving that. I’m curious and open-minded in bringing value to this world. With my current toolkit of skills, I’m above all willing to help business getting the results they needed.

Also featured on

I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in some awesome publications:

– Frankwatching
– Internet Marketing Unie

Follow my journey

I love to document my productivity and creative-process and share it with people like you. That’s why I have developed a digital footprint. So post I some my work on Dribbble or on my (dutch) business website Your Creators.

Also, I make small announcements on LinkedIn and share some moments of my creative lifestyle on Instagram and Twitter.

When I’m not designing or going to school, I love taking photos with my Canon camera. During weekends, I mostly like playing Beatles and Bob Dylan songs on my guitar. Or watching a Marvel movie.

✔️ What's on my board?

To do


Done 🙌

Would you like to meet up? Do you have a question? Or do you want to discuss an idea? Send me an email:

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